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The most important job of our city leaders is to ensure a safe community for our kids, families, seniors, and small businesses. In my service on the Renton Regional Fire Authority Board, I work with first responders to ensure the training, resources, and future planning required to meet our region’s needs. On the City Council, I will do the same, coordinating with law enforcement, first responders, service providers, and community leaders to achieve long-term public safety and reduce crime.

Economic Recovery

As a small business owner, I still feel the struggle to recover from the pandemic. On the Council, I want to apply that experience and business know-how to improve the conditions for local small businesses, foster growth and workforce development, and spur investment in our diverse businesses.

Sustainable Renton

As our city continues to grow, we must remain affordable and welcoming for current residents and the next generation of neighbors.  I have helped pass important investments in our schools, safety, and infrastructure, and will drive strategic and comprehensive planning to protect affordability, prioritize investments in our transit and infrastructure needs, and preserve parks and open spaces for all.

About Sanjeev

Sanjeev is a Civil Service Commissioner of Renton Regional Fire Authority Board Member, small business owner, dad, and longtime Renton neighbor.

Born and raised in Nepal, a Himalayan country of south Asia, Sanjeev started working to support his family from a young age. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Education, he went on to work as a school teacher and later vice-principal.

A dedicated public servant, Sanjeev served as a Councilmember in his hometown in Nepal, helping build a strong and thriving community before being forced to flee to escape violence and danger as a result of the civil war.

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